Week 6 Post Surgery

Shoulder Anatomy
Shoulder Anatomy

This last 2 weeks have flown by and I can’t believe I’m already 6 weeks post surgery. The shoulder continues to progress and I’ve re-started light weightlifting and have enjoyed getting back to shifting a few kilos again even if it has been very light. My Olympic weightlifting bar weighs 20 kilos on its own which is enough for now. Specific strengthening and stability drills are all going well and pain has settled right down which makes life much easier.

Sleeping is much easier too and it’s so nice to be able to sleep without my shoulders hurting, dislocating or waking me up. In addition, I can now take the dogs out together on their leads without any pain or worrying about not being able to hang on! They’re only spaniels but are really strong when they want to be.

I also went for my fist bike ride post surgery yesterday which was brilliant. I only went 5 miles which was enough to be honest. The shoulder takes more bumps and shocks through the handle bars than you realize until you’ve had surgery. That said my shoulder felt strong just a little bit sore towards the end.

I’ve been back at work for nearly 2 weeks now and it’s been an absolute joy to see everyone back in Pilates classes and also welcome some new faces as well. I’ve planted some flowers outside the clinic front to let people know we’re open for business again and they look really pretty.

Clinic Front
Clinic Front

Business is picking up again slowly but surely and I’m excited every time the phone rings with another appointment. Being off work for a while has made me reflect on just how lucky I am to have my own Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic. I absolutely love being able to help people to achieve their goals through Physiotherapy, Pilates and rehabilitation.

Pilates classes are filling up nicely but there are still spaces in all classes so there’s room for anyone who wants to come. Just contact me on 07774056155 to come along and have a go. Mixed ability classes all welcome.

I’ve been taking part in all Pilates classes since I’ve been back and it’s been a fantastic addition to my rehabilitation. Just goes to show Pilates isn’t just good for back pain it’s good for shoulders too.

Next week I’m going to continue with all aspects of my rehabilitation and maybe progress my strength work a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Hope you all have a fab week.

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂