About Us

Our Approach

At Ullswater Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic we are proud to treat each individual as a whole person and not just as an injury and we look at problems and goals in relation to each patient’s individual situation

Patient Education
Patient Education

Education and advice is central to our approach and we offer clear and simple explanations to keep you fully informed of the nature of your problem, the prognosis and aims of treatment. We are always happy to communicate with other professionals (with your consent) such as Consultants, GPs or fitness professionals in order for you to have integrated treatment from a team of professionals as required.

Put simply… The aim is to provide the best Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic to Penrith and Ullswater areas with a professional, caring and friendly approach.

Appointment Times

Appointments times available to suit all from 9:00am–7:00pm 5 days per week closing Tuesdays & Sundays.

Contact us

Please call 07774056155 or email us at info@ullswaterphysiotherapy.co.uk to arrange an appointment. If we are in the middle of an assessment or treatment when you call, we ask kindly that you leave a message with your name and number and we will call you back at the first opportunity.

Injury & condition advice

Please call 07774056155 or email us at info@ullswaterphysiotherapy.co.uk for advice regarding your problem and arrange to book an appointment with appointment times to suit you. Like any other Chartered Physiotherapist we are able to offer basic and general advice over the phone but in order to give individual or specific advice we have to base this on a thorough assessment and examination.

Bring a companion

It is quite normal for some people to feel a little nervous particularly for a first appointment, so we offer for you to bring a companion with you to your appointments if you wish.