Back Pain Workshop

Back Care Workshop

I’m really excited to tell you all about my recent collaboration with Jo Lade from Logic Pain Education. Jo is a Massage Practitioner with a special interest in pain biology, treatment and education. We are going to be combining our clinical and practical skills by running back care workshops starting Sat 23rd March 2019. The first workshop is now fully booked but don’t worry we have plans to run more of these throughout the year. Watch this space!

This is an INTERACTIVE & ACTIVE Workshop split into 2 parts – firstly the theory with Jo…but no classrooms don’t worry! It really helps when you understand a bit about what’s going on inside your own body though – so a walk through your spine – the bony bits, the soft bits and the nerves & how they interact to make you the strong adaptable human you are!

We will also cover some common back myths & the facts to get you straight!

The presentation will also look at common back injuries – words you may have already heard – degeneration – arthritis – bone spurs/osteophytes – wear & tear – herniation – dehydration – strains & sprains, and what they all mean to YOU, to how you MOVE and what the FUTURE holds for you! It’s also important to talk a bit about medication too – how you can best use it when you need to, and what to do when it isn’t working for you.


Ullswater Physiotherapy

Then the ACTIVE bit! A 45 minute Pilates-based Back-Care session with Mary the Physio – she will guide you through a series of movements, stretches and exercises designed to give you a first-aid toolkit for when things go wrong; and to maintain your back for the rest of your life!

What’s not to LOVE!

These skills and knowledge will last you your lifetime and help you get the best out of your back for the rest of your life!

If you have back pain and feel you could benefit from attending one of our back care classes please get in touch with Mary the Physio 07774056155 or email 


Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂