Benefits of Strength Training

I am a keen advocate of strength training in my clinical practice and in my Pilates classes. I have experience as a competitive Powerlifter and initially started my career with BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science where I combined my studies with competition Judo. After qualifying I then went on to work for the Fire Service as an Exercise therapist.


The benefits of strength training are numerous and include increased muscle mass, increased bone density, weight management and improved psychological well being. From a personal perspective regular strength training gives me focus and strength in other aspects of my life. I feel the routine of training 5 times a week gives me the discipline to look after myself mentally as well as physically which carries over in to work and home life. 

And what’s important for everyone to know is that strength training is not just about body builders lifting weights in a gym. Regular strength or resistance training also helps prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging (the medical term for this loss is sarcopenia).

Strength training is an important part of your overall fitness and benefits people of all ages particularly those with health issues such as obesity, arthritis, or a heart condition.

My focus as a competitive Powerlifter is to get as strong as possible to lift the heaviest weights I can on the platform and in the gym. Your focus may be very different and involve recovery from injury and the health benefits more than competition. What ever your goals strength training can help you reach them. 

Every patient who comes to Ullswater Physiotherapy & sports Injuries Clinic will be provided with strength exercises of some sort whether you’re in for a hip replacement, back pain or you’re a fully fit professional athlete looking for a strength and conditioning programme to assist with your training whatever the sport.

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