Carlisle Powerlifting Club

The North West Powerlifting Novice / Team Competition was held Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January at Power & Fitness gym in Liverpool. Carlisle Powerlifting Club had a very strong team of ten lifters attending the event including Coach Jimmy Nsouli supporting and coaching all lifters as well as competing himself. The novice event was held on the Saturday and Mary McCance and Alex Spiers were lifting in their first ever Powerlifting competition.

Alex Spiers

Alex Spiers had an exceptional day winning his -93kg category and best overall male lifter. His lifts were Squat 220kg a personal best, Bench Press 155kg another personal best and Deadlift 252.5kg giving him an impressive total of 627.5kg. Mary McCance also won her category +84kg in a closely fought battle with a 145kg squat, 70kg bench press and a 180kg deadlift with personal bests in the squat and bench press giving her a total of 395kg.

Mary McCance

In the team competition on Sunday there were some very strong competition with several national and international lifters in attendance going all out for the win.¬†Carlisle Powerlifting Club had three experienced teams battling it out on the competition platform. In the ladies were Laura Parkinson, Lisa Harrison and Sharon Holmes in the Men’s were Jason Holmes, Adam Zegveldt and Stu Nicholson and also Danny Smith, Martin McGimpsey and Coach Jimmy Nsouli.

Sharon Holmes

The ladies were up first Sharon Holmes lifted 135kg in the Squat a personal best. Lisa Harrison bench pressed 60kg a personal best and Laura Parkinson lifted 145kg in the Deadlift a personal best for her giving an impressive team total of 340kg and placing 8th out of 12 teams.

In the men’s Jason Holmes lifted 195kg in the Squat a personal best for him, Adam Zegveldt lifted 97.5kg in the Bench Press another personal best and Stu Nicholson lifted 235kg in the Deadlift giving a fantastic team total of 527.5kg placing 9th out of 15 teams

Jimmy Nsouli

Coach Jimmy Nsouli lifted 205kg in the Squat a personal best, Martin McGimpsey lifted an impressive 180kg in the Bench Press and won overall best male Bench Press of the day and Danny Smith lifted 200kg in the Deadlift a personal best for him also giving a team total of 585kg placing an excellent 5th out of 15 teams.

After some seriously hard training all lifters thoroughly deserved their excellent performances and the personal bests speak for themselves. The whole weekend was a great success for Carlisle Powerlifting Club and North West Powerlifting and everyone had a cracking weekend.

Danny Smith

Carlisle Powerlifting Club is coached by Jimmy Nsouli of Jimmy Nsouli Personal Training and is based at Barrie Mark Fitness & Nutrition Centre in Carlisle. Powerlifting is a great way to test and improve your strength, address postural issues and injuries as well as improving your overall fitness. All levels of experience are welcome, there are no prerequisites.

Training nights are Monday 8-9pm and offer expert coaching in a friendly environment. For more information call or message Jimmy on 07583831425 or contact the gym on 01228 523412.