Do You Have Back Pain?

I’ve got your back!

Most of us at one point or another will experience an episode of back pain just like most of us will sprain an ankle. For the vast majority of us this pain will resolve itself fairly quickly with little or no input from a Physiotherapist or other professional. But what about those of us who experience back pain over a longer period of time? When pain becomes chronic or long-term we can often feel frustrated and anxious about our pain. It changes the way we move and hold ourselves. This is totally natural and on top of that most people will report feeling sad or down because of the pain and the effect it has had on our lives over time.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! Physiotherapy can help!!

Pain in the Brain

At Ullswater Physiotherapy we aim to educate all of our patients with back pain that the pain does not equal tissue damage, and that there is rarely anything serious to worry about with most back pain. Pain is a complex output from the brain which relates to actual or perceived threat. It is important to look at pain through the Biopsychosocial Model which acknowledges the biological, psychological and social aspects of pain experienced.

There are many strategies for managing back pain including exercises for mobility, strength, balance work and stretching. Also learning that all pain is an output from the brain and not a direct indicator of tissue health.

Tissues Heal but the Brain Remembers

If you would like to learn more about YOUR BACK PAIN and how to manage it then you may wish to attend one of our brand new BACK CARE WORKSHOPS running in collaboration with Jo Lade from Logic Pain Education. Please contact Mary the Physio 07774056155 to register your interest.

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