European Wrestling Champs

The European Espoirs Junior Wrestling Championships was  held at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April

Wrestling Competition Area

Ullswater Physiotherapy were there on hand supporting all wrestlers as well as the England team specifically. There were seven nations competing and all wrestlers were well prepared with years of training behind them to get to this high level of competition. There were 9 wrestlers representing England and they managed to collect their fair share of medals.

From an observers point of view the wrestling was really exciting to watch and the crowd were fully supportive of each and every wrestler competing. There was a tremendous atmosphere in the sports hall with everyone shouting and waving banners around in support of their teams. The event ran smoothly with both competition mats busy all weekend with wrestlers from all across Europe battling it out on the competition floor.

Wrestling throw

Over the weekend the England team received 15 sports massage treatments and some taping and strapping to support some minor niggles sustained in training. Each and every athlete was fired up and ready to go for the full weekend event.

From an injury point of view there were quite a few minor injuries including bloody noses, strains and sprains requiring basic first aid treatment. Unfortunately there were a couple of serious injuries involving trips to hospital including one badly dislocated elbow, a knee injury and a suspected clavicle fracture.

Ullswater Physiotherapy

Ullswater Physiotherapy were working alongside Kentdale Paramedics all weekend and it was a great learning experience to see things from another clinical perspective. The paramedics were all highly skilled in what they do and I was grateful for their support and team work. Ullswater Physiotherapy alongside Kentdale Paramedics treated all in all over 30 athletes over the course of the weekend to asses injuries and provide the care and advice they needed.

All in all it was an excellent weekend and I’m looking forward to supporting the England Wrestling team again in the future.

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂