Goals for 2019

Image result for goal setting2019 is well under way and the snow drops have even started to make an appearance. Many of us have goals we are hoping to achieve especially at this time of year. New Year new start etc etc. Maybe you’ve been struggling with injury for a while or have just had surgery, whatever your circumstance you’ll be no doubt hoping for a positive recovery. That’s where Physiotherapy and rehabilitation can help. At Ullswater Physiotherapy we help to guide people through their recovery with appropriate, realistic and achievable goals which relate to life, work and or sport. You will be fully supported in your rehabilitation with a combination of hands-on physio and exercise therapy.

I have personal experience of being a patient recovering from a fractured ankle, double shoulder surgery and various sporting injuries throughout the years and I know how hard it can be. Rehabilitation is a mental game as well as a physical process and it can be tough going at times with good and bad days. Rehabilitation takes time and commitment to achieve your goals.

Physio Clinic

My own personal goals this year involve a return to fitness following an extended period of ill health. I’ve returned to dog walking on the fells and Powerlifting. I’ve been back in the gym training one to one with my Coach Jimmy Nsouli as well as Powerlifting Club, and it fells great to see all my mates again and to move some weights around. Strength wise I’m not doing too badly considering the time off I’ve had.  I’m hoping to get back to where I was back in May 2018 when I competed in the All England Powerlifting Championships.

Mary McCance

One of the great things about Powerlifting is its totally measurable. Each kilo, each repetition and each set are measurable, and so it’s great to keep a track of where you are and how things are progressing.

My business goals involve continuing to offer the highest quality service whilst still growing the business. Work on my Continuous Professional Development (CPD – reading / study days / courses etc), I’m also aiming to collaborate more with other practitioners, I’m in the process of this so watch this space! And getting more bookings for sports Physio cover at sporting events this coming summer.

So what are YOUR GOALS? Do you need Physiotherapy or Pilates in your life? If so please contact Mary the Physio 07774056155 to arrange an appointment today. You’ll receive a warm welcome and expert Physiotherapy and Pilates services. Whether you’ve sustained an injury, had surgery or live with a long-term condition Physiotherapy and Pilates can help you achieve your goals for 2019. Good luck folks!

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂