Nsouli Barbell Club on Tour

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Team Nsouli Barbell Post comp.
From Left to Right are Coach Jimmy Nsouli, Jason Holmes, Stefan Sabuda, Adam Zegvelt, Laura Parkinson, Lisa Harrison, Pippa Vaughan and Mary McCance

On Saturday 3rd November Nsouli Barbell Club took a trip down to Liverpool for the NW regional Powerlifting competition called Powerpalooza hosted by Liverpool Barbell. There were seven lifters and other club members who came along to support and volunteer. Coach Jimmy Nsouli was there leading the way coaching and handling the 7 lifters throughout the day.

First up were the ladies, with Laura Parkinson competing the -84kg class. She lifted a 130kg Squat (PB), a 60kg Bench Press and a 155kg Deadlift (PB) and achieved a 345kg (PB) total. Next up was Pippa Vaughan who had an excellent day a her first competition in the +84kg class. She lifted a 125kg (PB), a 50kg Bench Press (PB) and a 140kg Deadlift (PB) and achieved a total of 315kg. Lisa Harrison also competed in the +84kg class. She lifted an amazing 9/9 lifts with a 162.5kg Squat, a 72.5kg Bench Press and 155kg Deadlift. All PB lifts for Lisa with a total of 390kg (PB). Lisa came in 3rd place. Finally, Mary McCance had a great day winning her category, she lifted in the +84kg class with a 165kg squat (PB), a 87.5kg Bench Press (PB) and a 193kg Deadlift (PB) NW record for deadlift. She achieved a PB total of 445.5kg Mary also qualified for the British Championships in March 2020.

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Mary McCance Winner of the +84kg class. NW record 193kg deadlift

Next it was time for the gents. Adam Zegvelt competed in the -83kg weight class and lifted a perfect 9/9 lifts with a 180kg Squat, a 105kg Bench Press and a 190kg Deadlift coming in 4th place. Stefan Sabuda had a great day in the -105kg class in his first ever competition. He lifted a 185kg Squat (PB) a 115kg Bench Press, and a 210kg Deadlift totaling 510kg (PB) placing 7th. Jason Holmes competing in the -83kg weight class had a blinding day winning his category, he lifted a 210kg Squat, a 130kg Bench Press and a 222.5kg for a total of 562.5kg.

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Jason Holmes Winner of the -83kg Class

All lifters did themselves, club and Coach proud. Jimmy said he was proud of the whole team. After the competition spirits were high and Nsouli Barbell Club enjoyed pizzas and drinks back at their digs. So the club had two first places a NW record a and a third place, 2 lifters successfully completed their first competition and there were PBs flying all over the place.

The next competition for Nsouli Barbell is the Christmas Spectacular held at Fighting Fit December 8th where Coach Jimmy will be coaching the lifters.

The Cumbrian Championships April 2020 will be held at Snap Fitness Carlisle. Were hoping to host a fantastic competition again with more success and good times. Club members will be working hard to achieve more PBs in April.

Nsouli Barbell Club would like to thank the organisers of Powerpalooza 3, the referees, the spotters and everyone else. The team all had a fantastic day and received a warm welcome.

Nsouli Barbell is a friendly club welcoming all new lifters. Experience not necessary. Coaching provided. Nsouli Barbell Club training nights are Monday and Thursdays 8-9:30pm at Snap Fitness Carlisle. Contact Jimmy Nsouli 07583831425