Powerlifting & Mental Health

No photo description available.Powerlifting is my sport. We met only recently in 2017 age 37. Having been involved in sport most of my life I was looking for a new challenge. I came across Powerlifting during my rehabilitation from shoulder surgery. My ultimate rehab goal was to do a strength based competition of some sort to challenge myself both physically and mentally.  Along with the more obvious physical effects of injury and surgery I also struggled mentally in the lead up and following surgery. I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD and it was a vulnerable time. But as soon as my rehabilitation was coming to an end I went up to Carlisle and started training with Jimmy Nsouli (Coach) and the other lifters. Since then Nsouli Barbell Club based at Snap Fitness Carlisle, has been like another family to me. We are open about mental health and have a caring culture towards each other. Something I’m very proud to be a part of. I’ve thought of a few ways that Powerlifting supports me and my mental health.

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  1. The social aspect stops you from becoming isolated. I’ve made lots of new friends
  2. The intense nature of the sport requires the brain to focus and only the bar is in your mind
  3. The extreme nature of lifting hundreds of kilos, for me, requires an inner calm
  4. The physical task of lifting heavy for 2 hours 5 times a week gives you a physical and mental buzz
  5. Lifting a PB is a great reward for training hard
  6. Powerlifting teaches discipline and determination to overcome your fears
  7. There’s lots to learn such as new exercises, programming, periodisation
  8. The competition side keeps you forward thinking, focused and goal driven.
  9. Competitions require you to control and manage emotions effectively
  10. Picking up heavy weights is damn good therapy

So if you’re interested in having all of those benefits and more then give Powerlifting a try. Nsouli Barbell train on Monday and Thursday nights 8-9:30pm. Only £5 per session. Please contact Jimmy Nsouli 0707583831425

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