Radio Cumbria Sports Extra

I went up to Carlisle Radio Cumbria studios on Tuesday 5th Jan to take part in an interview about Powerlifting and my business Ullswater Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic. The Sports Extra programme was on Radio Cumbria from 7-10pm and we had some great crack about sports training, competition and injury management. I talked about my business Ullswater Physiotherapy and my Pilates classes and how my sporting background helps me in my work with athletes from all sorts of sports.

We talked about how coming from a sporting background has helped me to understand the stresses and strains athletes are under both physically and mentally. As well as being a competitive Powerlifter I competed in Judo for 10 years and suffered several injuries including shoulder injuries resulting in double shoulder surgery in 2017. Being in the patient’s shoes for a change has really helped me to understand how injury affects an individual. There are inevitably good and bad days and having an understanding of the recovery process has really helped me in my clinical work.

At Ullswater Physiotherapy I also work with athletes in a competition environment. I have worked at half and full marathons, Crossfit events across the North of England and I’ve worked with the England Wrestling team at the European Championships. I’m also looking forward to providing my sports physio services at the Powerlifting Cumbrian Championships April 28th 2019 at Snap Fitness Carlisle.

We also discussed the importance of education and exercise in Physiotherapy. I am a great believer in giving clear and simple explanations of the nature and extent of injury and what to expect during the rehabilitation process. It’s important for people to perform their rehab exercises effectively and learning why and how to do exercises really helps a lot.

Alongside my Physiotherapy practice in Skirsgill Business Park Penrith, I also have a fully kitted out Pilates Studio with a padded floor. I welcome everybody regardless of age or ability and thoroughly enjoy teaching my mixed ability and varied classes. We discussed how Pilates can help people with back pain and or mobility problems. I am fortunate to have a great group of people who regularly attend weekly classes who tell me they are moving much better and feel improved mobility.

We finished by discussing my own training goals for 2019 which involve continuing to progress my lifts and competing in November. The goal is to qualify for the All England Championships and the British Championships again. Last year I placed 6th in the country and I’d like to improve on that this coming year.

All in all it was a great experience to speak about my sport and work on Radio Cumbria Sports Extra live.

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂