Surgery is Today

Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy

Surgery day has finally arrived. Since my initial injury in December during the clear up after Storm Desmond and his pals, there’s been 9 months of painful dislocations. Although I’m nervous I’m also confident in my surgeon Prof Len Funk and his team and know this needs fixing so we are where we are. Game on !!

I’ve been putting a some thoughts together over last few days to share how I’m feeling about my operation, how I’ve prepared and put together my post-op rehab goals.

As a Physiotherapist, I’ve observed and assisted in operating theaters many times during my training and have helped rehabilitate thousands of people since over the last decade. I’ve also sustained many injuries including shoulder dislocations and a fractured ankle so you’d think that would help prepare me for my own shoulder surgery. Let’s hope so. I’ve got a pretty good idea about orthopaedic surgery, physio and rehabilitation. I fear however I might be a rubbish patient nonetheless…time will tell…

Goal Setting: Goals & Plans

I’ve been feeling pretty low the last week or so and the shoulder has been painful and sleeping is not easy. So in the mornings after messing around on social media and my new gorgeous puppy, I’ll have a think about what the surgery is going to allow me to do in the future. Here’s my list of short and long-term aims.

  1. No more dislocations / less pain / improved sleep
  2. Improve physical & mental health
  3. Return to work
  4. Return to weightlifting & sport
  5. Return to pre-op strength. PB lifts (Deadlift 160kg, Squats 121kg, Bench Press 65kg, clean & jerk 75kg, Snatch 60kg)
  6. Compete in my 1st power lifting competition

The plan is to try and follow my own advice which is take it one week at a time. Here’s the plan for week 1 post op:

Post surgery stability brace
Post surgery stability brace

Week 1: Manage pain, get as much sleep as possible and learn the basics of what I can and can’t do. Im slightly concerned about managing the basics of getting up and washed and dressed. Learn new ways of doing things where needed.  Learn basic physio exercises to keep elbow, wrist and hand mobile and get brace on and off. Get help off wonderful husband Andrew and friends where needed. So as you can see I like a plan and I like it when a plan comes together.

I’m off now for my operation 06:30 admission and I’ll be back home tonight. Wish me luck!

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂