Surgery Experience

Bankart Repair
Shoulder Surgery

I arrived for surgery at the Wilmslow Hospital for my 06:30 admission 31st August 2016. The day had finally arrived to fix my shoulder 9 months after the initial accident. A quiet and a comfortable waiting lounge felt more like a posh hotel than a hospital which was almost certainly designed to disguise the fact I was there for surgery. I felt more like a guest than a patient but I knew this was to lull us patients into a false sense of security; well it worked. A smiley porter took me to my room to meet the nurses, anesthetist and surgeon who were performing my operation. They gave me a full explanation of the procedures, a few consent forms and lots of checking to make sure it was definitely my right shoulder which was to be operated on. I was prepped, ready for surgery and out for the count as soon as the needle hit the back of my hand.

Post-op in recovery
Surgery Done

I woke up very groggy in my recovery room with an oxygen mask and Anne my nurse checking the machines beeping away. Surprisingly the whole thing felt painless as I’d had a nerve block which means there’s no pain for the first 12 hours as the whole right arm is numb. Bonus!

My nurse rang my Andrew to say surgery went well and I was waking up so to come and pick me up in a couple of hours. It felt amazing to see him walk into my room with his beaming smile and to have him there as I was slowly coming round to the land of the living again.

I was finally allowed to eat and drink and although the tuna sandwich didn’t go down too easily, the coffee tasted amazing and I had 3 cups.  Brilliant.

Professor Len Funk (surgeon) came to see me after surgery to say all went well as planned and the cartilage had been repaired along with the joint capsule. We shared a fist pump….he’s the man!

The Physio came to see me to go through the first stage of physio exercises until I have my review in about 10 days time. Initial exercises involve wearing and adjusting my brace, wrist and elbow mobility and gentle movement for washing and dressing and that’s about it.

Arrived home post-op
At home after surgery

She was very thorough and made it clear I was to follow Prof Funk’s post-surgery rehab protocol. Andrew backed her up “Do what you’re told McCance”And with that we were back in the car on our merry way home.

7 hours from start to finish and a clear run up the M6 home. All in all a good day. I’ll post again after a few days post-op recovery.

Speak soon.

Mary the Physio 🙂