Week 1 Post Surgery

I woke up 04:00 in the morning after shoulder surgery with sharp pains and the discomfort from being strapped up and

Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy

sitting up to sleep. My thumb and fingers were tingling and the arm waking up offered a reality check that things were going to be pretty sore for a while. Andrew gave me some morphine and I drifted in and out for the first couple of days.

After two days in bed it was time to get up and begin basic moving about the house, eating and Physiotherapy. I’d already been doing hand, wrist and elbow mobility exercises in my brace as I’m a natural wriggler any way. After checking I could still squeeze my fist and shoulder blade and use a little bit of muscle to help, it was time to change my t-shirt, have a quick wash and a little move of the shoulder. With Andrew by my side we both got the brace off and it was relief and fear all rolled in to one weird painful episode. The first of many.

Supported Mobility
Supported Mobility
Supported Movement
Supported Movement

The first time I tried these exercises I had a little cry as it felt so weak and vulnerable and I was used to feeling strong despite the injury. Nonetheless this was all good progress. Getting up and about a bit more has been a slow process and needs to be timed alongside my pain medications. I’m now on Tramadol, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen and some Diazepam for sleep, its only day 6 as I write so its still early days. I’ve been fortunate to have Dorothy (Mother-in-Law) to help out so I’ve been able to sleep whilst she’s looked after Wilson our new puppy. So life goes on and I’m happy with early progress. Looking back at the goals for week one I think things are going pretty well.

  1. Sleep as much as possible (morphine rocks!)
  2. Manage pain (morphine rocks!)
  3. Learn how to wear / adjust my brace (with help)
  4. Learn to wash and change (with help)
  5. Start basic physio exercises (all supported mobility)
  6. Ask for help where needed (Andrew rocks!)

Overall with a few wobbles I’d call that mission accomplished. Roll on week two!

Speak soon,

Mary the Physio 🙂