Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations

Patient Treatment
Patient Treatment

Physiotherapists often work on improving restricted range of movement of joints through mobilisation techniques. Joint mobilisations are used to restore the small, gliding movements that assist joints to perform to their optimum. Joint mobilisation involves performing a back and forth oscillation of the joint in order to restore motion and is helpful in cases where pain and joint tightness limit motion for example in frozen shoulder.

The majority of joints in the body can benefit from mobilisation if restricted, stiff or tight and joint mobilisations can also be used to relieve low back pain and re-establish accessory motion in the lumbar segments. Another type of mobilisation includes applying manual pressure to perform accessory glides to joints or to apply traction (gapping) to joints in ways which the individual patient cannot do for themselves.

Manipulations are different and associated with taking a joint capsule and its ligaments to the end of its available range and then applying a high velocity thrust to the joint to take it slightly beyond what would be considered to be end range resistance. Manipulations can be applied to most joints in the body but maybe mostly associated with the joints in the spine. Manipulations are often associated with an audible ‘crack’ which is often reported as giving relief from pain and stiffness and is quite normal.

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Kurt Heron Eden Valley 10K Winner 2015

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