Kinesiology Taping and Strapping

Happy Customer. Marc Fox CrossFit Athlete
Marc Fox CrossFit Athlete

There are many instances where taping and or strapping can be applied as an effective adjunct to a treatment and rehabilitation plan. To apply compression to manage swelling, to reposition a joint and support its mechanics, to give the skin extra feeling to promote postural correction and perhaps to give a person the sense of pain relief or confidence they need. Most recently we have seen a quick rise in the use of ‘kinesiology taping’ or ‘K-Taping’ with some pretty awesome colour combinations making some equally awesome ‘claims’.

K-Taping for Achilles tendons and calves
K-Taping pre Great North Run

At Ullswater Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic we use a combination of different taping techniques as needed and will always explain the reasoning behind the strapping or taping promoting realistic expectations based on the best available evidence and clinical experience. We use a variety of taping techniques including kinesiology taping as well as more traditional rigid taping and strapping techniques. We will always check that you are not allergic to taping, strapping or Elastoplast and that you are comfortable with tape on your skin beforehand. You get the choice of some pretty cool colours too!

Marc Fox CrossFit Athlete
Marc Fox CrossFit Athlete

5 Star Review:Thanks for the Sports taping at Masters@War comp today really helped me 🙂 Great service, lovely lady and really good price!”

Gareth Melvin
Gareth Melvin: Fire Fighter & Runner

5 Star Review: “Two days before the Cumbrian run 2014 half marathon my Achilles / foot/ calf became so painful that after 6 months of training racing looked in doubt. Recommended by a friend due to Mary’s wealth of experience with injured Fire Fighters I took a visit to the smart new clinic. Leaving the session feeling more comfortable and foot taped up for support to my amazement I ran pain free and enjoyed the race. I look forward to the follow up session for treatment and direction we go to keep the injury away for good. Thanks!”

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