Pain Management

Most people who visit Physiotherapists do so primarily because of pain. Depending on each hand pain imageindividual circumstance and how long ago the pain started will depend on the pain management advice and treatment we provide. When working with people who may present with pain we are sensitive to the discomfort this can cause. We aim to offer effective pain relieving treatments and advice with care and understanding. At times Physiotherapy may be uncomfortable especially when we are working on improving already painful and sore areas, but you will be encouraged to tell us how you are feeling during all treatments to promote maximum comfort at all times.

Biopsychosocial Model

Pain is a complex output of the brain in response to actual or perceived threat/damage. There have been several theories of pain mechanisms guiding treatment choices and best practice over the course of history.

The current understanding of pain science tells us that pain is an individual experience with many different factors. Sometimes acute pain can be due to tissue damage for example a fractured ankle, and sometimes pain can persist and become more long term with no obvious injury. The central nervous system can become sensitised and increase the volume of pain experienced.

Not always associated with tissue damage, pain experienced can be a result of many factors. Often prolonged sitting, awkward lifting, excessive gardening, fear, stress, anxiety, smoking and depression are associated with the pain experienced.

It is the job of your Physiotherapist to give clear and simple explanations about nature of the pain experienced and what is the best course of action.

At Ullswater Physiotherapy Mary the Physio will offer clear and simple explanations regarding the nature, severity and irritability of your pain and the likely causal factors. Mary will identify your goals and develop a treatment plan to include individualised rehab exercises in combination with manual therapy.

We often see people with different types of pain e.g. acute or chronic and we advise you speak to your GP or Pharmacist regarding appropriate pain medication to help give enough comfort for restoration of movement and function. Effective pain control can often really help effective Physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

At Ullswater Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic we can offer fast and convenient access to appointments particularly if you are struggling with pain.

Specific treatments for pain may include:
  • Protect, Rest, ice, compression, elevation (PRICE)
  • Heat pack
  • Pacing strategies
  • Exercise therapy / postural re-education
  • Mobilisation / traction / manipulation
  • Relaxation
  • Massage
  • TENS machine (loan free of charge for a trial period)

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